How to use the compression spring calculation software
Thank you for using the compression spring calculation software.
This software is an excellent software that accurately calculates the numerical value entered by the customer and gives appropriate advice.
Then, I will briefly explain how to use it.

  1. How to obtain spring performance
    To obtain the spring performance, enter the required value in the cell and press A on the right side of the screen.

  2. Show comments
    When you place the mouse pointer here, a comment such as an explanation or the meaning of the numerical value required for input will be displayed.

  3. Recalculation method
    Press the button on the right of the screen to delete the data once, or re-enter the data in the input cell and then press again.

  4. How to use the tolerance page
    After click here to display the result And then click.The Tolerance page is displayed.

  5. How to contact
    And then click.
    You can contact us based on the data you have entered.

  6. Other
    If you have any questions or requests,[email protected] please feel free to contact us.
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