Industries & Applications

By utilizing our spring manufacturing technology that we have nurtured over the years,

we have solved a whole host of spring-related issues in various fields.

General Industrial Machinery

Other Places You Will Find Tokai Springs

Typical Applications for Tokai springs
Our springs are used for various applications such as:
• Medical equipment
• Industrial robots
• Ropeways
• Water supply facilities
• Construction installations such as elevators
• Industrial furnaces and boiler equipment

Taipei 101 elevators

  • Ideal for these clients
    Ideal for these clients
    • Perfect for clients who:
    • Need advice on design.
    • Need advice on springs used in heat-resistant environments.
    • Need further testing on pre-existing springs to determine their service life and efficacy.
  • Why our springs are great for General Industrial Machinery
    Why our springs are great for General Industrial Machinery
    1. We can provide detailed designs that are tailored to your needs.
    2. We are able to design and manufacture special materials (heat resistance and corrosion resistance).
    3. We have numerous manufacturing records which can be used as references.
    4. We have a quality assurance system in place to ensure the traceability of material records, manufacturing records, and examination records.
  • Features of Tokai Spring’s springs for General Industrial Machinery
    Features of Tokai Spring’s springs for General Industrial Machinery
    General industrial machinery covers a wide variety of industries and spring types. Our high-precision springs are used in a range of industries: from the newest medical equipment to elevators, printers and all kinds of industrial machines.

Examples of Our Pursuit of Perfection

● Coil springs for actuators
  • •By controlling buckling, a long working stroke and excellent spring performance are achieved.
● Disc springs for hydraulic roller gates and hydraulic slide gates
  • •As they are flat springs with excellent corrosion and creep resistance, the springs will always work reliably.
  • • We provide the most suitable disc springs that can be used for freshwater, brackish water, and seawater applications.
● Standard disc springs
  • • Our disc springs can be used in a wide range of applications such as for torque limiters and anti-vibration purposes that make use of the spring’s hysteresis characteristics.
  • • Also, for clients who require especially high quality products, we have Cr-V steel disc springs available.
    You are sure to be satisfied with both the value for money and the high quality of our springs.

Examples of springs used in
General Industrial Machinery

Application Spring Type Material
Air actuators

Disc Springs SUP10
Compressors Compression Springs
Conical Springs
Tension meters Compression Springs
Disc Springs
Torque limiters Compression Springs
Extension Springs
Disc Springs

Presses Extension Springs
Disc Springs
Compression Springs
Boilers Compression Springs SUP10
Limitorque (valve actuators) Compression Springs
Disc Springs
Flat Springs
Laser transmitters Compression Springs SWP-A
dX-ray machines (medical equipment) Compression Springs SUP10
General industrial machinery Compression Springs
Springs with metal fittings
Flat Springs
Printing machinery Flat Springs SK85
Space equipment Compression Springs SUP10
Variable displacement pumps Disc Springs SUP10
Pressure operated valves Disc Springs SUP10
Industrial furnaces Compression Springs SUP10
Sluice gates Disc Springs SUP10
Machine tool MC Disc Springs SUP10
Textile machinery Compression Springs
MC Disc Springs
Electric cylinders Disc Springs SUP10
Analytical equipment Compression Springs SWP-A
Defense industry Flat Springs
Friction Springs
Disc Springs
Welding & transport robots Compression Springs
Extension Springs
Multilevel parking lots Compression Springs SUP10
Cryogenic refrigerators Extension Springs SWRM

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