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By utilizing our spring manufacturing technology that we have nurtured over the years,

we have solved a whole host of spring-related issues in various fields.

Machine Tools

Where Will You Find Tokai Spring’s Products?

Our springs are used for the spindles of some of the following machine tools:

• CNC combined machines
• Machining centers
• Boring machines

Machining centers

  • Ideal for these clients
    Ideal for these clients
    Perfect for clients who:

    • – Need to extend the product’s durability
    • – Need to use the spring at high-speeds without being worried.
    • – Require data on various achievements.
    • – Require a durability test in which the conditions are equivalent to the actual environment.
    • – Need a spring that can be used without grease.
    • – Require accurate technical support at any time.
  • Why our springs are great for Machine Tools
    Why our springs are great for Machine Tools
    1. We are the only manufacturer in the world that specializes in disc springs for machining center spindles.
    2. We have researched the performance of disc springs mounted on machining center spindles for more than 20 years.
    3. We have many product lines of durable and compact springs with high-speed rotations for different purposes
    4. We have validated our springs with conditions equivalent to those of the actual environment using a dedicated fatigue test apparatus that replicates the actual machine.
    5. With the combination of optimum grease and optimum surface treatment, our dedicated fatigue test apparatus and our proven track record ensure a long service life and stable spring performance.
    6. Peace of mind with our dedicated machine tools team.
    7. Springs are delivered by wrapping or bundling each set.
    8. Perfect traceability.
    9. The estimated service life is specified in the delivery specifications.
    10. Experience with all machining center manufacturers.
  • Features of Tokai Spring’s springs for Machine Tools
    Features of Tokai Spring’s springs for Machine Tools
    • From standard products that ensure dimensional accuracy and concentricity, to our high-performance disc spring series that offers the three major values of long service life, high-speed rotation, and compactness, we even have disc springs for extreme fretting.
    • The amount of clearance between the disc springs and the drawbar has been reduced to achieve stable balance performance.
    • With a special inner diameter shape, the change in inner diameter during compression is kept to a minimum and thus the change in balance is suppressed, enabling the spring to be applied to high-speed rotating spindles.
    • The aforementioned special shape act as a smooth surface that slides on the spindle, contributing to long service life.
    • The dimensional tolerance of MC disc springs is 1/2 of the DIN standard. Concentricity is 0.05 or less.

Examples of Our Pursuit of Perfection

● MC disc springs for machining center spindles
  • • Synonymous with disc springs for low/medium-speed spindles. Due to the high quality and high reliability of our springs, they are used at manufacturing sites around the world.
● i-MC spring series for machining center spindles
  • • The i-MC spring follows the spindle rotation (50,000 rpm or more) and has twice the service life of the previous type. This spring is the result of taking a preposterous idea and turning it into a product.
  • • Using our β series and X series further improves reliability and spring characteristics.
  • • The general dimensional tolerance of i-MC is 0.05, butdimensional tolerance of 0.01 is also available.

Examples of springs used in Machine Tools

Application Spring Type Material
CNC drills Disc Springs SUP10
Tool chucks Disc Springs SUP10
Boring machines Disc Springs SUP10
Machining centers i-MC Springs
Disc Springs
Compression Springs
Rectangular Wire Helical Springs
Torsion springs
Injection molding machines Disc Springs
Rectangular Wire Helical Springs
Compression Springs
Boring Machines Disc Springs
Compression Springs

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