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By utilizing our spring manufacturing technology that we have nurtured over the years,

we have solved a whole host of spring-related issues in various fields.

Redrawing 40-year-old springs

Springs used: Compression coil springs

Redrawing 40-year-old springs

Springs used: Compression coil springs

  • Request: Drawing of a 40-Year-Old Spring
    Request: Drawing of a 40-Year-Old Spring
    Coil springs for raising/lowering and adjusting molten steel nozzles for steelmaking equipment had been used for nearly 40 years. Due to this long-term overuse, the springs were deformed and adjustment was extremely difficult. The client wanted to replace it with a new spring, but they had no drawings available and they could not place an order. They eagerly sought our help.

Our Solutions

First, we surveyed the customer’s actual spring and took measurements.
Survey results: wire diameter φ10, outer diameter φ90, free length 100, active coils 5, total coils 7,
spring constant 36 to 37 N/mm

From the measurement results, we were able to confirm that the calculated spring constant would be 38.3 N/mm, which was almost the same as the client’s actual spring. However, with regard to the free length, the formal height was not known because of fatigue and tilting after many years of use. As the client requested that the adjustment deflection be 40 mm, we confirmed that there was no problem in terms of stress, then set the free length to 120 mm before proposing our design with a drawing.

Examples of how we respond to specific requirements

We received an order for and made a spring of the specifications proposed by us.。
The following event also occurred.

This client had wondered for many years whether the spring constant deteriorates due to aging or fatigue.
On this occasion, when we went to the client’s premises and actually inspected the spring in question and reported the results, we received tremendous gratitude that the questions they had wanted to ask up to now had been answered successfully.

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