Guaranteed delivery

We guaranty shipment and delivery!

Because we are a small-lot manufacturer of custom-made hot-coiled springs, guaranteeing delivery is simply par for the course. On a regular basis, there are about 4,000 orders moving through processes at our plant, but everything is managed by IT system so we know in an instant exactly where each order is at any given time. This enables us to quickly respond to last-minute requests for delivery changes and smoothly complete procedures to effectuate those changes. And, if we cannot deliver on time as agreed for reasons attributed to us and fail to notify the customer in advance, we will ship the product by air to the contracted point of delivery for free.

  • *Only when shipping is contracted by sea transport.
  • *Does not apply to shipping delays when delivery changes are agreed to prior to shipping, nor delays caused by earthquakes, typhoons or other natural calamity, interruption of shipping services due to shipping company strikes, etc., or reasons attributable to the customer.
  • *Other method of delivery is also available. Please feel free to contact us.

We guaranty shipment and delivery!

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