How to order custom-made-spring

Design proposals in less than 24 hr!

Standardized springs make it easier for engineers to review technologies and select products, as well as keeping the prices reasonable. However, when the characteristics and quality of standardized springs do not fit the application, engineers who are not versed in springs or experienced in designs find themselves in a bind. And, if faced with time constraints, they have to act fast.
We are knowledgeable of hot-coiled springs and very experienced in designing them to customer required specifications, but more importantly, we think of it as our job as a small-lot manufacturer to submit our proposals to these types of customers as quickly as possible.
If you are troubled by hot-coiled springs, look no further and contact us. Our highly skilled technical service staff is waiting to serve you!

  • *We have submitted design proposals in Japan within 6 hours in 90% of the cases. Rest assured, we can handle your needs, too.

Basic transaction flow