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After entering the numerical value, Calculation
Can import standard measure from our table
Contact us with numerical value
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Enter the measure and specification HELP
Spring type HELP
Thickness mm HELP
Outer diameter mm HELP
Inner diameter mm HELP
Free height mm HELP
Parallel Pieces HELP
Series Sets HELP
Enter the specification's load and stress HELP
First load N HELP Height under the first load mm HELP Stress under the first load N/mm2 HELP
Second load N HELP Height under the second load mm HELP Stress under the second load N/mm2 HELP
Combined height
Service life estimation
million times HELP
Other items
Mass HELP Shape factor HELP
Indivisual Kg HELP h/t   HELP
Combined Kg HELP D/d   HELP
Advice for spec input

This comment is for reference only.
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