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A manufacturer specializing in custom-made spring production,

which, with optimal design and quality meets our clients’ requests.

At Tokai Spring, we have a system in place that quickly and accurately supports all kinds of client requests by fully systematizing everything from spring design to ordering and delivery.

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    • We proactively respond to single-item orders

    We specialize in custom-made heavy duty springs in small lots of 5 or less We provide the guaranteed quality
    springs thanks to the skills of our master artisans.

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    • We have supplied products to over 4,000 companies

    Up to now, we have received orders from more than 4,000 different companies. We have earned the trust of a large number of clients with our springs, which we put our heart and soul into making.

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    • Spring Craftsmen Who Pursue Perfection

    In addition to the “Spring Manufacturing Professional Engineer” national qualification,
    we have established our own qualification system in-house and possess the core know-how of more advanced and precise spring manufacturing.

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    • Stable Quality

    We centrally manage all data from order histories, materials, design specifications, and right up to inspection records. We deliver springs of consistant quality that will last almost indefinitely.

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    • An On-time Delivery Rate Of 99.97%

    At Tokai Spring, we work as one to ensure that your promised delivery date is met when placing an order.
    We deliver the exact amount you need, when you want it, while maintaining the highest possible quality.

We will continue to give our all to keep all our clients satisfied! Please feel free to contact us about any of our products.
We hope you continue to visit and use our website.

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