Strengths Of Tokai Spring

“Complete custom-made production and single-piece production”:

our core competence that has not changed since our founding in 1934

System That Supports Complete Custom-Made Production

Proposing Adequate Springs Quickly with Our Design Support System

When a client consults or places an order with us, the first thing we do is to make it into a drawing and close in on a detailed design. We have a database of all our previous design drawings, and so based on your order specifications, we can search for drawings to act as references, check items that ought to be considered, and make a new design. By using this design support system, “Uncle”, we are able to offer high-quality springs with appropriate specifications accurately and quickly according to their application.

Promptly Presenting the Optimal Price with Our Quotation Management System

We use a quotation management system called “Tascal” that manages the optimal price and delivery schedule as a sales support system. The manufacturing of springs requires strict material management from a single piece of steel material, and some steel materials can require several months to be stocked. We are able to accurately determine when a spring of the quality required by the client can be delivered by coordinating with our design department and inventory management, as well as quickly estimating the optimal price.

We Respond Directly to Your Detailed Requests

A feature of Tokai Spring is that we meet the needs of our clients with springs that are completely custom-made. Our sales staff will handle all orders, and will respond appropriately with “Uncle”, our design support system, and “Tascal”, our quotation management system. For special requests and projects that require detailed discussions, however, our technical service team shall handle your order with great care and attention. Our scope for handling orders extends to cutting-edge fields such as power plants, various research institutions, and space industry development. Our highly-experienced staff will deal with your high expectations in the best possible way.

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