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From large springs to small springs, here we introduce our springs that never fail to live up to expectations.

Compression Springs

The coil spring is our most popular spring!

Features of Our Springs

The most popular spring in the world, the compression springs boasts a simple shape.
The compression springs can be manufactured at a lower cost than other springs.
Larger sized compression springs are also called hot-formed compression springs because the material is heated to a high temperature of at least 800°C to form it. It supports several tens of tons as its maximum load. Small compression springs, on the other hand, are formed at room temperature, and so they are called cold-formed compression springs.
We can manufacture a material diameter of up to 90 mm, a coil outer diameter of up to 600 mm, and a free length of up to 1,200 mm!

A Giant Spring-Forming Machine - One of Its Kind in the World

A Giant Spring-Forming Machine
- One of Its Kind in the World “YUKI”

A Giant Spring-Forming Machine - One of Its Kind in the World
The super-coiling machine, “YUKI”, is the only large spring-coiling machine of its kind anywhere in the world. It is packed with the experience and know-how of our artisans that have been accumulated over many years. Especially for heavy-duty compression springs that use large diameter materials and long materials, for which it is said to be difficult to maintain their quality during coiling, the birth of YUKI, which can control 6 axes simultaneously, has made it possible to achieve highly accurate spring characteristics and to be able to support even single spring orders.

Key Points on Our Devotion to Custom Compression Springs

  • Winding
    Winding is performed by hand by the artisan who carefully examines the characteristics of materials that have high strength, high heat resistance, and high durability.
  • Polishing
    In the case of small compression springs, their squareness and parallelism will change by applying a slight amount of force. Producing a beautiful washer for a delicate spring while satisfying the conditions is a difficult technique that truly puts the skills our a craftsmen to the test.
  • Tuning
    Pitch adjustment greatly affects the characteristics of the spring. In this important process that determines the characteristics of the spring, we carefully finish each and every spring to highly accurate dimensions and shapes.


Key Points on Our Devotion to Custom Heavy-duty Compression Springs

  • Coiling
    The material is put it into an induction heating furnace, heated up quickly to around 900℃, and then coiled.
  • Heat Treatment
    This process is also called “Breathe a life into the spring”. In the spring making process, this is said to be the most important stage. There are two processes in heat treatment: quenching and tempering.
  • Adjustment
    After heat treatment is finished, spring undergoes the adjustment process.
    This process is conducted using this device. Here, the spring is loaded for the first time, to actively exhibiting initial setting.

Another Key Process for Producing High Quality Compression Springs

A Shot Peening Machine

Metal fatigue is the effect of the formation of cracks in stress-concentrated parts of metal material to which repeated load is applied; when progressed, this effect leads to the destruction of the material. This phenomenon may also occur in springs.

However, by applying the shot peening, we can significantly improve fatigue strength. Shot peening is the process of striking the spring surface with round iron balls (media) at high speed. The spring is placed in the machine as shown in the picture and undergoes the shot peening process. This makes our springs suitable for reliable usage for a long time. There are a lot of other effects of the shot peening to springs too.

  • We support design and production even for small lots of one or two springs
    In the spring industry, our “complete custom-made production & high-mix, low-volume manufacturing” is an extremely unique production system which has not changed since our founding.
    We guarantee to deliver the quantity you need, when you need it, at high quality.
  • We support all kinds of environments with the likes of heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and durability
    Springs are very sensitive to high and low temperatures and corrosive atmospheres such as rust. Tokai Spring conducts daily verification tests to properly maintain the performance of our springs in any environment such as at temperatures of 100°C or higher, -20°C or lower, as well as for applications in which our springs are exposed to seawater or industrial water!
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