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Rectangular Wire Helical Springs

A coil spring made from a rectangular wire that can handle high loads

Features Of Our Springs

Rectangular wire helical springs are springs made from materials that have a cross-section, which can be rectangular or square. They can absorb more energy than a spring with a round cross-section of the equivalent size. In addition, the material before coiling is made into a trapezoid, and after coiling, it is designed to have a clean rectangular or square cross-section.

We Support High-Precision Molding

Compared to the round cross-section coil spring, it can be subject to a large load at a compact size. If you have problems such as the load is insufficient with a round cross-section coil spring or are concerned about sliding with the spindle, we ask that you consider our rectangular wire helical spring.

Key Points on Our Devotion to Handmade Springs

While there are rectangular wire helical springs standardized for press dies, we at Tokai Spring can manufacture square springs on a custom-made basis, and will provide the optimal rectangular wire helical springs for your operating conditions. It is said that rectangular wire helical springs, in particular, are difficult to mold because they must be machined in such a way that prevents the material from twisting, but our trademark manufacturing techniques make it possible to mold large and small rectangular wire helical springs.

  • We support design and production even for small lots of one or two springs
    In the spring industry, our “complete custom-made production & high-mix, low-volume manufacturing” is an extremely unique production system which has not changed since our founding.
    We guarantee to deliver the quantity you need, when you need it, at high quality.
  • We support all kinds of environments with the likes of heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and durability
    Springs are very sensitive to high and low temperatures and corrosive atmospheres such as rust. Tokai Spring conducts daily verification tests to properly maintain the performance of our springs in any environment such as at temperatures of 100°C or higher, -20°C or lower, as well as for applications in which our springs are exposed to seawater or industrial water!
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