Spring Design

Design information for engineers, such as spring calculation formulas,

which are the basis of spring design, can be found here.


1.Specifications of Volute Springs

Element 記号と値
Plate thickness t30
Plate width b220
Inner diameter Di100
Outer diameter Do340
Free height L0300
Number of active coils n2.5
Total number of coils nt4
Upper-end coil Ng0.75
Lower-end coil Ng0.75

Table 2. Transverse elastic modulus: G(N/m㎡)

2.Numerical Values Required for Calculation

①Gaps between plates

②Maximum effective radius

③Minimum effective radius

④Pitch angle

⑤Coefficient determined by t/b

⑥Transverse elastic modulus

⑦Spring constant

3.Spring Characteristics When the Spring Starts Reaching the Point Where the Horizontal Spacing between Adjacent Plates Becomes 0

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