About Us

Since our founding, we have been trusted with our clients' spring-related problems,

building our own custom-made production system and producing a wide variety of springs.


Our CSR in summary
Actions for our 28th Mid-term plan (2022-2025)
Terms of SDGs
To our clients (Quality commitment)

We always strive for the best technology and provide our clients with values that exceed their expectations.

Minimising non-conformities to the lowest possible level through continuous improvement.

Contributing directly and indirectly to the technical development of our clients by supporting R&D activities.

Making full use of IT to support our clients no matter where they are.

To our employees (Safety commitment)

We strictly comply with labour laws and regulations, to create an environment where employees can work in good physical and metal health, where each and every of us play an active role and nurture a fruitful life with various human resource development activities.

Eliminating occupational accidents through health & safety patrols and risk assessment improvement activities.

Creating the best workplace by building a system that enhances mental and physical health and work-life balance.

Supporting every single employee in realizing their potentials by developing a system and a workplace where our employees can shape their personalities and develop their skills.

To the environment (Environment commitment)

Through our manufacturing activities that comply with environmental policies, we actively take part in the global mission to protect the environment and provide eco-friendly products

Reducing CO2 by increasing the use of renewable energy and switching to clean energy.

Contributing to environmental conservation by strengthening our branding to be a trustful brand for springs for maintenance and restoration.

Cutting down the amount of electricity and gas used through implementing highly productive work methods.

To our community and society

We fulfill our responsibilities for sustainable support activities, regional revitalization, and product supply for children who will lead the future through cooperation with local communities and business continuity plans in preparation for large-scale disasters.

Embracing and supporting local authorities’ activities to introduce young generations to different occupations in society, including the spring manufacturing industry.

Activately taking part in various activities of the local authorities and the industry’s organizations for the development of society.

Ensuring the safety of our employees and the continuity of production in the event of large-scale disasters.

To our partners

We build equal and honest relationships with our partners to aim for strong bonds and mutual benefits

Creating a place for effective information sharing to strengthen partnerships.

Utilizing IT to enable fast information transmission and a smooth trading environment.

Full compliance with the Subcontract Act (in Japan) for strong bonds and mutual benefits.

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