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Since our founding, we have been trusted with our clients' spring-related problems,

building our own custom-made production system and producing a wide variety of springs.

Privacy Policy


Tokai Spring Industries, inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Tokai Spring” or “We”) may ask users to register their personal information through an inquiry form. This information is used to improve our services such as for identifying individuals and the shipping of goods. Registered information is not disclosed or provided to any third parties. We manage registered personal information with the utmost care.

Tokai Spring Industries, inc.,12F Nishihonmachi Intes, 2-3-10 Nishihonmachi,Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0005 Japan
Tel: +81-6-6541-3591
Email:[email protected]

Definition of personal information

For user identification, sending items that require personal information and in cases of sending catalogs and/or purchased goods,(https://www.tokaibane.com/en/), we may ask you to register information such as your name and address. This personal information is for identifying individuals, sending emails, delivering goods, and/or improving our services.

Information collection and use

No special registration is required to browse or use this website. Everyone who has an Internet connection is free to browse this website. There is no content whatsoever on this website that could adversely affect young persons, and thus you can view it with peace of mind with your family.


We receive various inquiries from users through the inquiry form or via email. When doing so we ask for information (name, email address, phone number) to be able to reply and contact you. We try to read all the messages from our users and reply to them as quickly as possible. The information you provide will be used to directly answer your questions and comments. We may send you an email or give you a call in an effort to provide useful information.

Purchases & Quotes

In order to purchase products or provide quotes, we may ask for personal information from clients via our quote form, email, telephone, fax, etc. This personal information will be used to verify your identity, reply to your email, send you a quote, or send goods, etc. It may also be used to confirm your purchase history, for fact-finding, and/or analysis. We may also send you emails and information via post to provide you with useful information.

Handling of personal information

We will not disclose information that enables the identification of individuals registered at Tokai Spring to a third party except in any of the following cases:

• When the customer’s prior agreement and consent have been obtained.
• When it is recognized by the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws and ordinances.
• When the disclosing of information is requested by a court, the public prosecutor’s office, the police, the tax office, or an organization with the equivalent authority.
• When outsourcing all or part of our business duties to a third party.
• When it is necessary to exercise our rights.

Usage of personal information

To provide information tailored to our customers’ needs, websites run by us at Tokai Spring use cookies and other information to obtain action history information and attribute information (T refers to information that cannot identify a specific individual by itself even if it is information about on individual. This specifically includes cookies, IP address information, website browsing history and action history, purchase history on the website, device ID, user agents, and referrals.) of customers who visit websites run by Tokai Spring. The acquired information is provided to Google LLC’s access analysis tool ‘Google Analytics’, and information is displayed on websites operated by Tokai Spring based on the information analyzed and classified using the Google LLC service ‘Google Analytics’. Visitor history information and attribute information collected by Google LLC is used in accordance with Google LLC’s Privacy Policy (https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=ja). Regarding the customer’s action history information and attribute information collected by Google LLC, visitors can stop the collection and use of history information and attribute information by setting cookies and so forth. (It may take some time for the disabled settings to be reflected in the system.)

About the contents posted in our Forum

The Forum on this website (https://www.tokaibane.com/bbs/ or https://www.tokaibane.com/topic, hereinafter referred to as the Japanese version) or https://www.tokaibane.com/ en / bbs / or https://www.tokaibane.com/en/topic hereinafter referred to as the English version), which we have translated into English or Japanese, may be posted on both English and Japanese pages. In that case, in order to make the content easier for users to understand, we may add the content of the Japanese Industrial Standards JIS along with the equivalent overseas industrial standards. However, this will not modify the original contents posted by users.


• Tokai Spring may provide some functions or services in cooperation with other Internet services and so forth on this website. In this case, users cannot object to Tokai Spring or a third party designated by Tokai Spring should information disclosed on this website be disclosed to other Internet services and so forth. • This website is an Internet service, and in using this website, the posting history, disclosure & non-disclosure of personal information, and posted contents shall be managed at the user’s own risk. Tokai Spring shall not be liable for any damages arising from the publication or posting of information chosen by users. • For any loss of usage opportunities, loss of data, interruption of business, or any kind of damage (including indirect damage, special damage, incidental damage, consequential damage, lost profit) that may occur to the user, Tokai Spring shall not be liable for any damages even if advised of the possibility of such damages beforehand. • Tokai Spring shall not be liable for any damages caused to other users or third parties, as well as damages and disputes suffered by users by using this website. • In the event a user is subject to the Consumer Contract Act, which is a Japanese law, if the user suffers damage due to our intention or gross negligence with regards to the disclosure of information on this website, the provisions outlined in our disclaimer of this agreement shall not apply.

Our Privacy Policies

For the management of personal information, Takai Spring has formed an IT committee, introduced a system to protect and manage personal information, and check it is being run appropriately by assigning personnel in charge of access rights to in-house information and the prevention of information leakage. We also provide education to raise the awareness of our employees with regard to the importance of protecting information.


This website contains links to external sites. We are not aware of any privacy policies on other sites. When you leave our website, we recommend that you read the information on the collection of personal information and the privacy policy of the websites you visit. The information on the privacy policy posted here applies only to our website (https://www.tokaibane.com/en/).

Contact for personal information

If you have any comments or questions regarding our handling of personal information, please contact us using the contact information below.

  12F Nishihonmachi Intes, 2-3-10 Nishihonmachi,Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0005 Japan
Tokai Spring Industries, inc.
Tel: +81-6-6541-3591
Email:[email protected]

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