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Examples of Where Our Springs Have Been used By utilizing our spring manufacturing technology that we have nurtured over the years,

we have solved a whole host of spring-related issues in various fields.

Engineering Science / Academic Research

Supporting reliable R&D with a precise manufacturing process and accurate data

Why Should You Choose Tokai Spring For
The Engineering Industry & Scientific Research?

~Precise Manufacturing With Accurate Data~

Together With Our Pioneering Clients In R&D,
We Prioritize Reliability

Advantages Of Choosing Our Spring Products and Services

1. Analysis & Experiment Support

Tokai Spring has both advanced spring manufacturing techniques and advanced jig design and development technologies as well as special testing machines. That is why it is possible to obtain experimental data needed for research that cannot be acquired with general springs. Analysis and experiments related to springs can be performed in-house or by joint experiments to meet the needs of our clients.

2. Minimize Variations

The larger the variation in experimental products, the greater the possibility for divergence, and therefore the reproducibility and clarity of the experiment will be lost. However, Tokai Spring has design and manufacturing technologies that minimize spring variations, to ensure accurate research results with minimal variation.

3. Comprehensive Spring Database

Since we specialize in high-mix low-volume production, we have a broad range of data available relating to materials, heat treatment, dimensions, and loads of individual springs. If necessary, various data acquisitions of manufacturing processes and results can be added, so the accuracy of R&D activities can be verified.

Why ONLY Tokai Spring?

The most important thing for springs used for research in universities and institutes is the availability of accurate data. And this is what Tokai Spring can confidently offer you with not only the advanced technology of spring manufacturing, but also the accumulated knowledge of all our activities over the 70 years since our founding. This is why only Tokai Spring can provide the best springs, services and technologies to clients at universities and research institutes.

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