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Examples of Where Our Springs Have Been used By utilizing our spring manufacturing technology that we have nurtured over the years,

we have solved a whole host of spring-related issues in various fields.

Machine tools

Compact, long service-life, concentricity of 0.05 or less ̣(1/2 DIN Standard)

Why Should You Choose Tokai Spring For
The Machine Tool Manufacturing Industry?

~Manufacturing From The Users’ Perspective~

Together With Our Clients in The Machine Tool Industry, We Prioritize “User-oriented Functionality”

Advantages Of Choosing Our Spring Products and Services

1. Ability To Freely Design Spindles

Tokai Spring has established its own disc spring standard called “i-MC”, the most suitable springs for the main spindles of machining centers. By combining the superior characteristics of this i-MC series and clients’ requested characteristics, a design that is exclusive to clients’ machine models can be realized. This would not be possible with all-purpose disc springs.

2. Peace Of Mind With High-end Model Development

Tokai Spring has developed and uses it own fatigue testers that imitate the operation of the spindles of actual machines to test the durability of disc springs. This enables us to test the springs before mass production. This is the reason we can confidently contribute to the development of our clients’ high-end machine models.

3. Designs That Make Maintenance Planning Easier

Tokai Spring can evaluate and estimate the durability of combined disc springs according to clients’ requests. By proposing a design with an estimated lifespan in accordance with the end users’ regular inspection, this greatly contributes to planning operation and maintenance in the future.

Why ONLY Tokai Spring?

Tokai Spring offers a wide range of spring products and services specializing in machine tools, including our patented disc springs for machining centers’ spindles. We are able to provide accurate advice and support on the development of new models thanks to our fatigue testing process. In addition, with a high-mix low-volume manufacturing system, we can quickly provide the required quantity for urgent incidents or spring replacement. This is why Tokai Spring is the only company that can provide the best springs and services to clients in the machine tool manufacturing industry.

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