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Case High load capacity in a small space in a high temperature environment above 350℃

High load capacity in a small space in a high temperature environment above 350℃

Client Data

Semiconductor-related manufacturer

Use Spring:Disc springs

Period:2 months

Heat-resistant disc springs used in semiconductor-related equipment for research and development.

Examples of Tokai Spring achievements

Tokai Spring Industries possesses unique manufacturing technology based on many years of experience of delivering products to customers in data communication, electrical and electronic industries. Our disc springs are used by customers who need springs for use in heat-resistant environment, applications that require high loads in small spaces, and very small lots for research and development.

Problems and challenges

A customer was looking for a spring that can generate high loads in a small space in a high temperature environment above 350°C for a prototype project related to semiconductor manufacturing equipment.


First, we selected Inconel as the material and disc spring as the spring type because it can function as a spring in an environment of 350℃ and higher and meets the requirements of high load in a small space. In addition, we examined the size and shape of springs that can meet the load characteristics required by the customer and the installation space requirements and proposed specifications. There is no general data on the allowable stress in a high temperature environment for springs manufactured from Inconel, a heat-resistant steel. Therefore, we conducted stress evaluations based on experimental data on heat resistant steel disc springs that we had obtained from our past experience and research.


The disc springs that we have designed and proposed have been incorporated into the customer’s prototype equipment and are being used without any issues.

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