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Examples of Where Our Springs Have Been used By utilizing our spring manufacturing technology that we have nurtured over the years,

we have solved a whole host of spring-related issues in various fields.

Mining / Heavy equipment

Wide range of weather resistant materials. Rapid response to urgent incidents and repairs

Why Should You Choose Tokai Spring For Mining & Heavy Equipment?

~Achieve A Large Load With
Great Accuracy And High Quality~

Even Extremely Heavy-load Requirements Can Be Satisfied

Advantages Of Choosing Our Spring Products and Services

1. Proven Track Record

Tokai Spring has many achievements in designing and producing springs for applications in heavy-duty mining and heavy equipment. Even if you have problems such as: “I need a spring that can handle a seemingly unimaginable load” or “I wonder if making this kind of heavy-duty spring is possible”, please do not hesitate to contact us!

2. Design With Experience
To Maximize Springs’ Function

Springs for mining and heavy equipment are exposed to extremely harsh conditions such as repeated heavy load and long-term vibration. Based on the applications of the springs, Tokai Spring has the practical know-how of design standards, manufacturing control, and product inspection.

3. Flexibility In Designs

When considering springs for mining and heavy equipment that require various design conditions and specification requirements, it is not always possible to achieve the optimum proposal by considering only coil spring. However, At Tokai Spring, we are capable of handling all types of springs such as disc springs, volute springs, and torsion bars and therefore, have a great deal of flexibility in designing the perfect spring.

Why ONLY Tokai Spring?

We can manufacture coil springs with a maximum wire diameter of φ90 mm, disc springs with a maximum material thickness of 40 mm, and volute springs with a maximum material thickness of 35 mm. All of these are the largest in the world. In addition, we always keep a stock of large-sized materials, so even such enormous springs can be delivered in a very short lead time.
We have the design know-how and a manufacturing system that can provide springs with a large load for these industries. This is why only Tokai Spring can provide the best springs and services to clients in the mining and heavy equipment industries.

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