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Examples of Where Our Springs Have Been used By utilizing our spring manufacturing technology that we have nurtured over the years,

we have solved a whole host of spring-related issues in various fields.


Dedicated lab for spring R&D, stringent process control and reliable reproducibility

Why Should You Choose Tokai Spring For
The Aerospace Industry?

~Thorough Quality Control & Advanced Technology ~

Together With Our Clients in The Aerospace Industry,
We Prioritise Reliability

Advantages Of Choosing Our Spring Products and Services

1. Enhanced Reliability

At Tokai Spring, various accuracy tests can be performed according to clients’ requests. Even with newly designed products, by providing both theoretical design proposals and also empirical data, we can help improve the reliability of our clients’ products.

2. Quality Control

Tokai Spring received the JIS Q 9100 certification in 2013 and has accomplished many other achievements in the aerospace industry. In addition to an excellent product manufacturing process, we are able to respond to special process request according to clients’ needs, and therefore, our strength in quality, cost and delivery have been highly evaluated. You can completely trust us with designing highly complex products to stringent quality-control requirements.

3. Trial Production System

Tokai Spring actively undertakes trial production requests, and if there are no problems in the trial production verification, it is possible to move to mass production using the same manufacturing process. Clients can verify the products by using prototypes and proceed to mass production with peace of mind.

Why ONLY Tokai Spring?

Springs used in aerospace products have particularly complex testing requirements, from design to use. Tokai Spring has not only set up a dedicated R&D lab for the aerospace industry’s products, which enables fatigue tests and experiments in special environments that mimic long-term operation, but also an entire sales and technology systems to support a high-mix low-volume production that fit perfectly with the nature of the aerospace industry. We have also had the opportunity to participate in joint-development projects with JAXA and have many achievements in aerospace-related fields. This is why only Tokai Spring can provide the best springs and services to clients in the aerospace industry.

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