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Case Size reduction up to 50% is possible!  Disc springs for machine tools i-MC COMPACT

Size reduction up to 50% is possible! Disc springs for machine tools i-MC COMPACT

Client Data

Machine tool manufacturer

Use Spring:Disc spring

Period:2 months

i-MC COMPACT: Ultra-high performance disc springs for machine tool spindles

Examples of Tokai Spring achievements

Tokai Spring Industries possesses unique manufacturing technology based on many years of experience of delivering products to customers in the machine tool industry. The i-MC COMPACT, which boasts ultra-compact performance that defies common sense, is the pinnacle of the i-MC Spring Series, our disc springs designed specifically for machine tool spindle applications.

Problems and challenges

There was a request to make a conventional machine tool spindle more compact while maintaining the clamping load.


It is a very difficult request to make the space compact while maintaining the clamping load, and Tokai Spring is the answer! Our newly developed i-MC Compact is a special disc spring for machine tool spindles designed to be up to 50% more compact in space while maintaining the current clamping load, exactly as requested.


High stress design beyond the common sense of the conventional i-MC Spring series is now possible. The compactness is about 50% compared to conventional products! This technology has made it possible to contribute more than ever to making the entire machining center more compact and improving the rotational balance.
High stress design is now possible, enabling up to 190% higher load capacity in the same space as conventional products! This makes it possible to increase the tool clamping force significantly while maintaining the overall length of the spindle.

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