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Case The best spring for individual athletes to support their best performance

The best spring for individual athletes to support their best performance

Client Data


Use Spring:Coil springs

Period:4 months

Coil springs used in chair skis

Examples of Tokai Spring achievements

Tokai Spring Industries accepts requests for spring manufacturing not only from companies but also from individual customers. Our springs play an active role in products used by athletes and professionals, for whom the subtle movement of a spring greatly affects their results.

Problems and challenges

The customer was looking for a manufacturer who could provide a consultation on improvement of the coil springs used in “chair skis” for their own use. Suspension springs play a very important role in chair skiing, and stability of the springs is necessary in order to achieve results in competition.


Increasing the spring constant impairs the cushioning in curves and on uneven surfaces, increasing the risk of overturning. On the other hand, it provides effective bracing, reduces the speed loss and allows to make small turns. In addition, the speed at which the coil spring rises from the deflected state varies depending on the natural frequency of the spring, so these factors must be optimized according to the individual skiing style and play style of each skier. Therefore, we had a series of discussions with the customer and made a design proposal that met their needs.


The team, including the person who contacted us, has achieved great results at the Paralympics and other competitions around the world.

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