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Case Large, heavy-duty brake dampers utilizing high-precision damping characteristics with an error of less than ±10%!

Large, heavy-duty brake dampers utilizing high-precision damping characteristics with an error of less than ±10%!

Client Data

Seismic isolation and damping manufacturer

Use Spring:Disc springs

Period:3 months

This page shows an example of a disc spring used in a vibration dumping system called a brake damper.

Examples of Tokai Spring achievements

Tokai Spring Industries possesses unique manufacturing technology based on many years of experience of delivering products to customers in the seismic isolation and dumping industry. Our disc springs are used in technologies that control uncertain elements such as friction with high precision, and in applications that require large loads in a small space.

Problems and challenges

The customer was planning a spring-based mechanism as a prototype for the development of a vibration damping system called a “brake damper”.
One of the requirements for the mechanism was a spring with high-precision load characteristics and the ability to withstand ultra-large loads.


In order to achieve the performance required for this “brake damper”, tighter tolerances than expected are required for pressurization and decompression loads.
To solve this problem, we came up with the idea of obtaining the ideal load-deflection characteristics by controlling the pressurizing and decompressing loads with high precision based on the central values of the pressurization and decompression loads, as shown in the figure.


The size of the disc springs was much larger than that of the disc springs for machine tool spindles, and the loads and surface pressures were also much higher. However, by utilizing the back data on damping rates obtained for the disc springs for machine tool spindles and the design know-how, we designed an ideal disc spring that satisfied the requirements for high-precision pressurization and decompression load characteristics.
Furthermore, by making full use of our advanced disc spring manufacturing know-how in order to realize the characteristics as designed, we were able to provide disc springs with the spring characteristics that our customers were looking for.

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