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Examples of Where Our Springs Have Been used By utilizing our spring manufacturing technology that we have nurtured over the years,

we have solved a whole host of spring-related issues in various fields.

Case Lifespan is five times longer, from annual maintenance to maintenance-free.

Lifespan is five times longer, from annual maintenance to maintenance-free.

Client Data

Marine equipment manufacturer

Use Spring:Spring with metal fittings

Period:2 months

Springs with metal fittings used in aquaculture cleaning equipment

Examples of Tokai Spring achievements

Tokai Spring Industries possesses unique manufacturing technology based on many years of experience of delivering products to customers in the ship and marine equipment industry. Our coil springs are used in applications that are often exposed to seawater and require reliable operation.

Problems and challenges

We received an inquiry about tension coil springs used in automatic cleaning equipment for aquaculture fish tank nets.
Although the product was on-sale, it has a problem of springs frequently breaking down due to corrosion when operating in seawater, which required frequent maintenance.
The customer wanted to reduce the maintenance frequency by making the springs more break-resistant and longer-lasting.


We started the work with a questioning. We asked for all kinds of information about the product, how it was used, the specifications of the springs, and the location of the breakage. We found out that the breakage always started at the hook of the pull spring. Since it was certainly a point where a large force is applied, we reviewed the hook shape of the spring and strengthened it by attaching plate fittings to both ends of the coil.
In addition, we proposed to change the material to stainless steel, which is resistant to seawater.


As expected, the durability of the hooks has been greatly improved, and the springs, which had to be replaced frequently every year, no longer need to be replaced for as long as five to six years, making them virtually maintenance-free. We will continue to manufacture and deliver products in a stable manner after trial production.

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