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Examples of Where Our Springs Have Been used By utilizing our spring manufacturing technology that we have nurtured over the years,

we have solved a whole host of spring-related issues in various fields.

Case Japan’s first urban circulation ropeway made possible by anti-corrosion treatment to reduce salt damage!

Japan's first urban circulation ropeway made possible by anti-corrosion treatment to reduce salt damage!

Client Data

Ropeway manufacturer

Use Spring:Coil springs

Period:2 months

Coil springs used in urban ropeways

Examples of Tokai Spring achievements

Tokai Spring Industries possesses unique manufacturing technology based on many years of experience of delivering products to customers in the transportation equipment industry. Our springs are used in applications where safety is the top priority, such as people transportation equipment.

Problems and challenges

A ropeway manufacturer who is our long-time customer contacted us about a new urban ropeway project. Normally, ropeways are installed in mountainous areas, but this time they were constructing an urban ropeway in a coastal area near the ocean, and there were concerns about rusting due to salt damage.


We have abundant know-how on materials and rust prevention suitable for use in marine and seawater applications such as ships. From the viewpoint of strength, we proposed to use spring steel instead of corrosion resistant steel, but with a special coating that is effective against salt damage to ensure corrosion resistance.


We provided springs with both strength and corrosion resistance as requested by the customer. Japan’s first urban circulation ropeway has been constructed, and there have been no breakages or malfunctions to date. The ropeway is contributing to the transportation of people in the city every day with safety as the top priority.

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