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Springs used for extension mechanism in space(SSR)

Product Data

Product Name:SSR


Order made

Advantages of using Tokai Spring Industries’ products

Compactness・Large extension amount

The original length is 100mm. Can be extended to 2500mm in an instant.


Incredibly light weight.

Non-magnetic and highly rigid materials

The springs are able to maintain high corrosion resistance and rigidity.

The SSR is a mechanism that extends into a rigid long rod instantly from a compact state by the operation of a spring.
The structure is extremely simple and yet, it has been adopted as a functional component used in outer space due to its advantages as being lightweight and having the ability to avoid the risk of malfunction.

Applicable materials

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  • Applicable spring types

  • SSR(Space Spiral Rod)

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      Specializing in producing small-lot orders of 5 or less. we can reproduce the exact same springs that were exclusively made years ago thanks to our in-house production data. Therefore, our clients can completely rely on our reproducibility, short delivery time and product quality.

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      Ability to reproduce springs Even if there is no drawing.

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