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Advantages of using Tokai Spring Industries’ products

Ensuring spring reliability and long-term maintainability

Those who are involved in agriculture, where the harvest time is crucial, know that a broken agricultural machine can lead to a delay in the harvest and cause serious damage to the crops that have been carefully cultivated with time and effort. If a pull spring used in the chopper clutch used for cutting wheat straw, green manure, etc., is broken, Tokai Spring Industries can design a new spring based even on a small amount of information and provide to the customer who operates this agricultural machine a spring of the same quality or better than the current one. In addition, materials such as piano wire are often selected to ensure the necessary spring force, but in such cases, appropriate anti-corrosion treatment is essential since the product will be used in a harsh outdoor environment. Based on the spring materials and anti-corrosion know-how we have cultivated over the years; Tokai Spring is able to design products based on optimal materials and anti-corrosion treatment.
Other reasons why we can provide high quality springs in the required time are:
1. We have a system in place that allows us to quickly and respectfully obtain information about the springs from our customers, and immediately design and draw it.
2. We have a system in place that allows us to produce custom-made products in small quantities, ensuring reliable quality and meeting the customer’s delivery schedule.
3. Even after the products are delivered, the manufacturing history and design data are well managed, so after-sales service is also perfect.
For this reason, if a spring breaks, consult Tokai Spring Industries to minimize the delay in harvesting and get the advantage of using the spring with confidence.

Applicable materials

  • SWP-A,B
  • SWOSC-V(Correspond to 55SiCr6-3)
  • SUP10(Correspond to 51CrV4,6150)
  • SUS304(Correspond to S30400, 1.4301, X5CrNi18-9)
  • Applicable spring types

  • Torsion springs
  • Compression springs
  • Tension springs

    • R&D and Prototyping

      SUPPORTING clients who conduct R&D and prototyping activities by committing to carrying out research and collecting necessary data.

    • Manufacturing

      Specializing in producing small-lot orders of 5 or less. we can reproduce the exact same springs that were exclusively made years ago thanks to our in-house production data. Therefore, our clients can completely rely on our reproducibility, short delivery time and product quality.

    • Replacing & Repairing

      Ability to reproduce springs Even if there is no drawing.

    Tokai Spring’s after-sales service

    We provide excellent after-sales service and support so that our clients can use products without any worries.

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