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Product Name:Spiral springs


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Advantages of using Tokai Spring Industries’ products

No need to replace equipment

Springs offered by Tokai Spring Industries to customers in charge of repair works at metalworking factories allow to use the repaired equipment again by replacing the springs without complete replacement of the machines. Spiral springs used in drilling machines are often mass-produced, and it is difficult to manufacture just one spring. However, we are a custom-made spring manufacturer and can manufacture springs from scratch, even without drawings. No need to replace the whole machine, simply replace a spring to use the machine again.

Applicable materials

  • SUP10(Correspond to 51CrV4,6150)
  • SK85(Correspond to W1-8, C80U, C90U)
  • Applicable spring types

  • Spiral springs

    • R&D and Prototyping

      SUPPORTING clients who conduct R&D and prototyping activities by committing to carrying out research and collecting necessary data.

    • Manufacturing

      Specializing in producing small-lot orders of 5 or less. we can reproduce the exact same springs that were exclusively made years ago thanks to our in-house production data. Therefore, our clients can completely rely on our reproducibility, short delivery time and product quality.

    • Replacing & Repairing

      Ability to reproduce springs Even if there is no drawing.

    Tokai Spring’s after-sales service

    We provide excellent after-sales service and support so that our clients can use products without any worries.

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