Spring Design

Design information for engineers, such as spring calculation formulas,

which are the basis of spring design, can be found here.


When The Spring Is Subjected to a Static Load or Low-Level Repeated Load

When used under a static load or subjected to less than 5000 cycles within the usage period, it is recommended that the absolute value of maximum compressive stress (σI) at a deflection of 0.75 h0 does not exceed 2,500 N.

When The Spring Is Subjected to a Repeated Load

In the case of the spring subjected to a repeated load, calculate the respective tensile stresses of σII and σIII at the maximum and minimum loads. As a result of the calculation, examine the maximum and minimum values of σII and σIII.
Note that repeatability when SUP10(Correspond to 51CrV4,6150) spring steel is used is shown in Figures 3 to 5. If the material used is SK5M, it is safer to consider the value as 80% of the figure.

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